Birth place of Santa Claus!

Santa Claus was born far from north pole in the town of Patara on the South West coast of modern Turkey between the years of 260 and 280AD. The true name of Santa Claus was Nicholas. He became the bishop of Myra which was a town further up the coast from Patara. The city is now called Demre. Nicholas inherited a lot of money and he wanted to help people who were poor but he wanted to do it in secret. He used to climb on the roofs of people's houses and drop coins down the chimney. He also used to give children nuts, fruit and sweets for good behavior. One day, a citizen caught him in the act and his good nature was revealed to the town. After his death, a memorial was built in the town in his honor. Years later he was given the holiest of titles "Saint Nicholas". Later December the 6th become associated with the feast of Saint Nicholas and when a bishop declared December the 25th as the birth of Jesus, over time, the two celebrations began to fuse together and that was the first connection between Santa Claus (Saint Nicholas) and Christmas day traditions.

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