Trinidad and Tobago


The official currency of Trinidad and Tobago is called dollar (sign: $; code: TTD).


Port of Spain


Trinidad and Tobago is located in South America.

Trinidad and Tobago Location


Estimated population (2011): 1,328,019

Estimated population (2000): 1,262,366

Estimated population (1960): 834,350

Estimated population (1901): 273,899


Trinidad and Tobago Flag

The Colonial flag of Trinidad and Tobago:

Old Trinidad and Tobago Flag


Trinidad and Tobago is the wealthiest country in the Caribbean as well as the third richest country in the Americas after the United States and Canada. It is recognised as a high income economy by the World Bank. The country's economy is primarily industrial primarily based on petroleum and petrochemicals. The country's wealth attributes to its large reserves and exploitation of oil and natural gas. Trinidad and Tobago is the leading Caribbean producer of oil and gas, it also supplies manufactured goods, notably food and beverages, as well as cement.

The most popular places in Trinidad and Tobago among international travellers

Pigeon Point

Pigeon Point
Maracas Bay

Maracas Bay
Little Tobago Island

Little Tobago Island