The official currency of Belize is Quetzal (code: GTQ). It is named after the national bird of Guatemala.


Guatemala City since 1776.


Guatemala is located in Central America.

Guatemala Location


Estimated population (2012): 14,342,000

Estimated population (2000): 11,204,000

Estimated population (1950): 3,146,000


The National Flag of Guatemala has two colors: blue and white. The two blue stripes represent the two oceans in east and west of Guatemala and the sky over the country. The white stripe represents peace. In the center of the flag is the Guatemalan coat of arms. It includes the national bird of Guatemala that symbolizes liberty, and the date of independence. Crossed rifles represent Guatemala's willingness to defend itself.

Guatemala Flag

The flag of Guatemala has changed over the time. Here are some of the older versions of it:

Old Guatemala Flag

Old Guatemala Flag


Guatemala is the most populous country of the Central America. Coffee, sugar, and bananas are the main products of Guatemala. 12% of the Guatemala's population live below the international poverty line. Guatemala has a large immigrant community in the United States. The money this community sends to Guatemala serves as a primary source of foreign income equivalent to two-thirds of exports. Most of the manufacturing in Guatemala is light assembly and food processing, that is geared to the domestic, U.S., and Central American markets.

The most popular places in Guatemala among international travellers