Everyone knows the monkey, but the monkey knows no one.

Those that do everything they can (sometimes ridiculous things) to stick out are often well-known but because people try to avoid them they don't know many people.

We all started out as children.

Expect (and tolerate) mistakes from children.

A clean conscience is the best pillow.

You can't sleep well if your conscience is not clean.

He who sleeps does not sin.

It is said to people who always criticize other people, but they themselves never try anything. It is like telling them, you don't make any mistake because you never try anything.

Angry cats get scratched skin.

If you act out of anger you will get in trouble.

When there is room in your heart, there is room in your house.

It is used when an effort is made to accommodate guests.

Only dead fish follow the stream.

Foolish people mindlessly follow other people.

If you give him a finger he wants the whole hand.

It is used when someone tries to take advantage of the generosity of others.

Only Sweden has Swedish gooseberries.

Sweden is a unique country!!

Money does not smell.

It is used to refer to the value and power of money.

Sweep your own doorstep clean.

You need to be given the same advice you are giving to other people.

Better to flee than to fence poorly.

A strategic retreat from a situation that you cannot win is better than fighting and losing.

He who enters the game must endure it.

Don't complain about the problems you caused yourself.

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