If you want to lose your friends make them into grooms or get them engaged.

A wife or a fiancee inevitably interfere with friendship.

A mother and father can take care of 100 children but 100 children cannot take care of their mother and father.

Who arrives late, finds a bad place to stay.

If you want a good spot show up early.

You can't have meat without the bone.

Nothing is perfect.

Walk with your slippers until you find your shoes.

Do your best when things don't go well, until the situation improves.

Nothing scratches my hand like my own nails.

No body knows my business better than I do.

One pope dies, another will be made.

Life goes on.

You can't have the barrel full and your wife drunk.

You can't have you cake and eat it too.

Friendship and macaroni are best when warm!

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