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Fun Memory Practice

Since much of memory is about remembering pictures and location of things, it is important to practice this skill. Fun Memory Practice is a fun way to train your brain and boost your memory. This is simple game for almost all ages, you just need to look for a pair of the identical pictures.
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Photographic Memory

How is your photographic memory? Photographic Memory is a fun and simple game that tests and helps to improve your photographic (eidetic) memory. You will be given a key color and 5 seconds to memorize the location of the key color. After 5 seconds all buttons will turn black and you should click/touch on the buttons that had the same color as the key button. As you get to higher levels the game will become harder and you should remember the location of more colors.
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Hit The Right Tile

Hit The Right Tileis a fun and addictive game that tests and helps to improve your memory by challenging your photographic memory and focus. The game has two levels, while the first level challenges your focus and attention, the second level will challenge your photographic memory.
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