Pandora lets you make your own personalized radio. You tell it what songs and artists you like, then based on these information Pandora finds the similar songs and artists and adds them to your station. But you can still tell it if you like these songs or not which in turn helps Pandora refine your station.
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Spotify is one of the best music streaming applications available. With Spotify you can listen to any music you want, make your own playlists, follow singers, and sync tracks for offline listening.
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How many times this happened to you: you were somewhere and they are playing a song that you find it nice and interesting. You tell yourself that you should add it to your playlist. Only if you knew the song or the singer name. It can be even harder to find the song name if the song is in a language you don't understand. Shazam is the app that can solve the problem for you. Shazam can listen to a song and then look for it online and find the song's name and artist. You don't need to type anything just tap on listen button.
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